Third Belgrade and MoTA / TRIBE

Third Belgrade and MoTA / TRIBE in University Library in Belgrade Thursday 20.12.2012 at 7 pm

Third Belgrade and MoTA / TRIBE

in University Library in Belgrade

Thursday 20.12.2012 at 7 PM

TRIBE is a new network of residency spaces in the Balkans & Eastern Europe with a focus on the East. TRIBE network offers residency opportunities in the cities of Ljubljana, Prague, Istanbul, Nicosia, Belgrade & other locations. TRIBE residencies are open both to researchers (curators, cultural workers, humanists…) as well as exploratory artists.

TRIBE network aims to examine vital cultural, political and social questions in a way that will produce fresh perspectives via research and artistic outputs.

All TRIBE organizations involved are specific to their local context and are making the first steps to build AIR programs for production and research into experimental, digital and research-based art. The network encourages exchange between these places as well as production and touring of international transitory artworks. All believe in building the infrastructure for artistic research, production and representation with the purpose of revitalizing the artistic  scenes of the so-called East which are either closed or simply unfamiliar.


  • a network of AiR residencies for both artists and researchers
  • a shared residency model in which each resident lives and works in several cities
  • a production and research platform dedicated to Transitory Art
  • a network devoted to the east as a counterbalance to west-oriented art world

Online process: We will use a dynamic web blog as a key tool of the project, which will contain input from all partners and invited guests and will be developed as a resource of ideas, artworks and texts. It will attempt to exploit and examine the web as a transitory medium critical to the growth of transitory art as a relevant form and concept within the region and beyond.

An open call will be published in December 2012 for residencies starting in March 2013!

Martin Bricelj Baraga